I am particularly interested in how pattern and colour can be used to represent and interpret the world in which I live.  My background as a geographer and a garden designer living and working in Derbyshire, has influenced me to develop flat, two-dimensional designs with similarities to maps or garden plans.

Other aspects of my work are about story telling. Sometimes my pictures illustrate scenes from a poem or a play or they are interpretations of a myth or story. They are very much rooted in everyday domestic life and famous and heroic figures are revealed to be our sons, daughters and neighbours. They live in the streets and towns which we recognize as our own but are placed in a situation which is unusual and out of the ordinary.

They leap and fly against the pattern of landscape, rock and vegetation which holds them in place and tethers them to the ground.

My work involves combinations of printmaking, drawing and painting.

In the picture gallery, paintings are shown in their correct proportions to themselves, (width and height) but because of the extremes of size, not relative to each other.